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Top 10 Apps for Android Tablets

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Top 10 Apps for Android Tablets

2017 has been an exciting year in the technological world, with drone taxis, new phones, and new entrants in the tablet market. As we pass the year half mark, we have compiled the Top Free Apps to help you unlock and utilize your Tablet devices to its full potentiotial.

Free Apps

  1. Twitter

Starting off our countdown, the Microblogging giant retain its spot as one of the most sought after app in this list. After all, who can resist telling out their feelings in 140 character? #thefeels


  1. Hi – Keyboard emoji theme

In this day and age, who can resist customization? That’s what Hi – Keyboard Emoji Theme offers. It offers you thousands of emoji updates, as well as the ability to customize the look and feel of your keyboard. You can choose from plenty of styles, as well as different languages.


  1. Google Play Games

Some people play games to entertain themselves, while others play to compete. Google Play Games allow you to connect to its database, tapping other players’ scores, as well as competing with them through either the scoreboard, or the Multiplayer game features.


  1. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Undeniably one of the best navigation apps in the market, it’s no surprise that Waze paved its way to top 7 of our list. Not only does this app help you get to your location, it also helps you avoid traffic, constructions, and even cops – for those times that you really are in the rush. Even though Google Maps have added traffic functions, it still cannot beat Waze in the way it directs you to your destination the fastest.


  1. The Weather Network App

One of our favourite weather forecasting app, The Weather Network App delivers accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts. It offers 30-day, 14-day, and hourly updates, so that you can plan your day ahead. Best of all, it comes with an auto-updating widget so you can see the weather right on your home screen.


  1. Netflix

Who can resist watching TV Shows with their Tablets? It’s portable, and have big screens. That is when the Netflix apps come in handy! With thousands of movies and TV series in your disposal, as well as offline features, there’s no doubt that it landed 5th spot in our Top 10 Tablet apps.


  1. Wish – Shopping made fun


Who doesn’t like shopping – especially when they’re discounted? Wish Shopping App makes it easy for you to get your favourite items, while making it fun.


  1. Facebook

As one of the biggest and most used Social Networking Site, Facebook takes the third spot in our list. The app makes it easy to connect with your friends, as well as manage business accounts. Uploading pictures from your tablet is also a breeze in this app, with automatic upload feature when you take photos. The app is not far off from its website counterpart, but it does make everything much easier when you’re on the go.


  1. Spotify

One of the biggest music streaming app, Spotify makes it easy to haul around all your favourite music, without taking much space. You can even take your music even if there’s no internet connection, thanks to its offline downloading feature. Although, you can only use it with Spotify App on Premium. However, if you like free music, with different compilation based on era, genre, moods, and Top Hits from different countries, then this app is for you


  1. Messenger


Taking the number 1 spot in our list is Facebook’s Messenger app. With many features such as connecting and chatting with your Messenger friends, voice and video calls, voice message, photo and file transfers, Multiplayer Games, and now even comes with a money transfer feature, no wonder messenger is the best used Tablet App. With 45 Million Downloads, it was very easy for this app to take the lead.