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Through the rain

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Through the rain

As summer season reach its peaks, there’s nothing better than to spend your time under the sun beside the crisp waters. You’re ready to take a dip, but did your tablet came equipped? Although smartphones have gotten better with water resistance, tablets, however, have not. We have compiled products to help keep them safe, while you enjoy in the waters.


Incipio Capture Ultra Rugged Case with Rotating Hand Strap

Whether you’re going for a hike, or going for a swim, this case will help keep you tablet safe from dust, drops, and dips. This rugged case will be your Tablet’s new best friend.

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Keeping your Tablets waterproof and charging them has never been this easy. Thanks to its two-piece rubber sealed casing and plug-type cut outs, it’s very easy to plug and charge, while keeping it waterproof. It’s so waterproof that you can take it dipping – that’s why its called Submarine! Cause you can take it underwater. Now, you don’t need professional gear to take selfies with the fishes!

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Waterproof Dry Pouch Diving Box Case by SumacLife

If you want something inexpensive to carry with you while you do your activities, then the waterproof dry pouch is for you. It’s an easy solution to add protection to your tablet; and the best thing is, you can just slip your tablet in – case included!

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 DryCASE Waterproof Case for Tablets and e-readers (DC-17)

Last but not least is the Waterproof case from DryCASE. For $5, you can seal your device. Perfect for going to the beach or a quick dip in the pool or to the tub. Keep it in your bathroom, or carry it around in your bag! Lightweight and easy-to-carry, this waterproof case can prove to be very useful.

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