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Will you completely replace my device?

If your device is able to be repaired, we will fix it. If it’s beyond repair, there’s still ways to get the data off your device. Contact Us for more details!

How long does it take?

Repairs generally take up to 2-3 business days, depending on what’s wrong with the device. We’ll let you know if we have to order a part in.

How do I ship my device to you?

Once you send us a request for a quote, we will send you back an email with all the shipping info you need to get your device to us.

Can I drop my  device off?

Yes! We’ve teamed up with Wireless Warehouse. Any of their locations will be glad to take your device for repair.

Does my school/Business get a discount?

We offer several different options for schools or businesses. Please email us or see the business or school section for more.

How long does it take to repair a tablet?

We have a fast turnaround time.  A majority of repaired devices are shipped back the same day we receive the unit. This is made possible by our highly skilled technicians. We ensure that all incoming tablets undergo a thorough inspection, an excellent repair and superlative outgoing inspection. Quality is not sacrificed and a 90 days’ warranty is offered for each tablet. Complex problems may involve a 72 hour repair time.

Do you use OEM parts?

Yes, we use OEM parts.

Will I send only the device?

Send only your device. There is no need to send accessories or the box it was sold in.

Can you save my water damaged Tablet?

If it is repairable, we will fix it. If it is not, you will get your unit back.

My tablet touch screen is not damaged, but it is not working. What will I have to do?

You need to repair the digitizer or touch screen. You may have to replace it if required. Do come to us for a free examination.

How do I send my tablet to Tabletrepairs?

Send a request asking for a quote. We will then email you with all the details, including the shipping information you will require to send the unit to us.

Is it possible to drop off my device?

You can. We have reached an agreement with Wireless Warehouse. Any Wireless Warehouse location will accept the tablet for repair.

I run a school or a company. Do I get a discount?

We do offer a number of different discount options for businesses and schools. Do email us or go through the school or business section if you want to know more.

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